About us

Our Company

CodeKL is a company specialized in computer systems as software solutions (web and mobile applications) and embedded systems (real-time computing). Our highly-experienced and skilled team is always aware of the newest technologies in order to always deliver the best possible product.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver you a high business value product that will help you grow your business. Our working methods based on agile development, are known to be the most efficient and cost-effective.

Our Skills

Our Methodology

Agile development

CodeKL uses agile project management methodology during projects development. This methodology improves trust, collaboration, communication and readiness in the relationship with the customer and the developing team. This close relationship betters the understanding of the customer objectives and needs.

Agile project management methodology delivers a new version of the product every sprint during the development in order to collect customer feedback. Using agile methodology provides higher productivity, better-quality products and better customer satisfaction.

Our creativity can solve any problem.