Custom software development

Grow your business with a custom software

CodeKL helps you create business value by developing a unique software solution that will perfectly meet your needs and surpass your expectations.

When you submit your project to us, our team of experts carries out an analysis of your needs and proposes you a detailed development plan for the design of your software.

CodeKL will always keep you involved during the development process in order to deliver a tailor-made product. This is the better way to increase your earnings.

Our Motto : Quality and Design

CodeKL will develop for you a powerful and performing software with an unrivaled quality !

Specialized Products

Fleet Management

Manage more efficiently your fuel expenses, maintenance and lifespan of your vehicles. Evaluate more precisely your travel costs and optimize the journeys of your vehicles.

Inventory Management

Manage your company equipment more efficiently and reduce errors. Access to your inventory anywhere, from any device and on a secure server. 

Sales Management

Improve your company transactions and increase your sales income. Keep a clear and accurate record of each sales transaction automatically.

Productivity Management

Rate yourself and work on your weaknesses. Record all your business operations data in order to produce performance reports. 

Report Management

Generate reports quickly and automatically in order to significantly reduce errors, work resources and working time. 

Task Management

Plan optimally the tasks related to a project. Deal effectively with contingencies, efficiently distribute workload and better assess your project development costs.

Our creativity can solve any problem.